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Gemini Southern’s primary goal is to build a progressive financial institution based on traditional business values that provides advisory services and capital to entrepreneurs and companies throughout North America, with a specific focus in the southern United States.

We believe a substantive bond exists between people who create and operate businesses, and investor’s that provide capital to high caliber growth companies and new ideas. We are committed to engaging with those business owners and entrepreneurs that seek out like-minded investment partners interested in developing businesses and business ideas that are unique to their respective industries, and ultimately to consumers and the capital markets.

Strategize. Measure. Take Action.

Gemini Southern advises and invests with entrepreneurs and companies with outstanding business ideas, demonstrated leadership skills, and a genuine interest in business and success. We identify goals, research solutions and define expectations. We do this in four distinct ways:

1. We bind together the best people for each individual situation
2. We have access to, and compile, the most relevant and current data and information available
3. We maintain an extensive network of people and resources
4. We remain engaged and co-manage the process of each step of the plan, concurrent with our partners and clientele

Gemini Southern’s management team encompasses a diverse group of current entrepreneurs, venture executives/investors and technology professionals with a wide range experience. Our leaders are committed to success, accountability, and the inspiration of applied creativity through innovation in business, positioning the Company and its partners for the future.

•  Respect  •  Integrity  •  Honesty  •  Community Values  •

The founders and partners of Gemini Southern regularly interact and converse with participants in various domestic markets, underwriters of securities of both equity and debt, and individuals in economies throughout North America. These insights originate from individuals in different specialties of finance and with various industry experience that begins with investment research, asset management, private wealth management, venture capital and direct investors.