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Steve Urvan

Steve Urvan

As the chief visionary and architect of the GunBroker.com business and technology platform, Mr. Urvan has lead the executive team in setting corporate strategy and developing new business opportunities. He has been the company’s face to the industry with his primary responsibilities incorporating technology strategy, business development and legal. Mr. Urvan has been the contact for all industry executives and supervises the technology team.

Mr. Urvan is a proven executive and entrepreneur with significant information systems technology background and a track record of success. He is an active investor and board member of several technology companies. As Founder and CEO of GunBroker.com he bootstrapped that company from a concept into one of the 1,000 largest web sites in the US.

In 1999; prior to founding GunBroker.com, he served as Director or Engineering at Global Village Communications, a provider of network fax software solutions. Prior to Global Village he architected what was at the time the largest optical data storage and retrieval system for ATM and POS information for Bank of America. Mr. Urvan sits on the board of the Hunting Heritage Trust and is actively involved in several charitable organizations.