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Strategize. Measure. Take Action.

Gemini Southern advises and invests with entrepreneurs and companies with outstanding business ideas, demonstrated leadership skills, and a genuine interest in business and success. We identify goals, research solutions and define expectations. We do this in four distinct ways:

1. We bind together the best people for each individual situation
2. We have access to, and compile, the most relevant and current data and information available
3. We maintain an extensive network of people and resources
4. We remain engaged and co-manage the process of each step of the plan, concurrent with our partners and clientele


We forecast the best methodology for success, then develop a strategic plan – taking into account both capital and management needs – with a timeline focused on specific actions in each step of relative growth. Our plan encompasses a step-by-step engagement, budgets, the deployment of capital and an agreed upon timeline with designated checkpoints. Our embedded approach is designed for investments ranging from 24 to 96 months.


We’ve developed a strategically-focused system of measurement to provide our partners and clientele with the best options for success by creating visibility through access to extraordinary people who embrace the plan, and with smart capital that backs the plan.

Take Action.

By staying involved and owning the stated responsibility for assisting each partner company, we create concise plans – implemented to generate early results. Solid plans require measurement, evaluation and change; particularly, when the facts change. Our action items are base-lined with communication and accountability. We maintain our option to be flexible, and to assist our partner company in a “pivot” when crucial and at the right time with all of our available resources.